Confessing the faith…

“We acknowledge the God of Abraham, the Lord of Isaiah, the Father of Jesus, the one God.

Having such a Lord. we cannot accept the sovereignty of any lords in this world who (in the name of their worldly lordship) would cause us to despise and destroy the brown skinned, the poor, or the least of these human brothers.

Rather, we acknowledge that we serve a Lord in whose eyes all lives are precious, who teaches us not to be lords but servants of all, who calls us to be ministers of life, not agents of death…’

This comes from a statement drafted by McClendon and endorsed by the Faculty of the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in 1972.

It is an example of ‘first-order theology’ and is included in this book of ‘prophetic’ sermons with which I am about to keep company for a few weeks. I have to review it but thought a ‘sermon a day’ ….

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