Democracy as a process rather than a point…

This mornings BBC news referred to yesterday’s decision by the Westminster parliament to allow the British government to formally begin the so called “Brexit” procedure. The news spoke of a historic moment and the “point of no return”.

The “point of no return”. What an interesting if misleading phrase. Perhaps reflecting a wrong sense of self importance by MP’s…

for democracy is a process not a point…

Since the European Referendum the world has spun, rivers flowed, time ticked, people died and people have been born…the world, Europe, the UK today is not the same as on that day or even yesterday.

The referendum and yesterdays vote did not just happen…appear…it was the culmination of years of debate, discussion, campaigning, arguing by those opposed to the status quo. They did not like the way things were and sought to change it…this is right….

for democracy is a process not a point…

During the referendum the various discussions were brought to a head in what was not been a high point in truthfulness, integrity, and political leadership. Those who argued to leave on that day won the argument. Yes democracy has its points as many years before there had been a point in 1975 when a referendum indicated that the people of Britain had voted to remain within the then EC (Common Market). It was a point…but clearly not a point of no return ….

for democracy is a process not a point…

Get over the decision, get on with it, accept the decision, these are what those who oppose the decision are told …me included… to challenge is to be called a democracy “denier”.

Actually…with a very repressed “liberal voice” (whatever on earth that is meant to mean) let me say NO.

Democracy is process not a point, the world is spinning, debates are taking place, values are at stake, the past is made but the future is yet to be determined…I will not be told that I simply have to accept things, the dominant worldview, the person with the loudest voice if I consider these to be opposed to my own values and convictions. If people do not like that, I guess I should use the emboldened language of “get over it” and appear tough and strong, but I do not feel such a need…for the world spins…

and democracy is a process and not a point…



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