This is the road to…

Once upon a time a man set out on the road to economic prosperity. It was a road paved with the promises of global consumer capitalism and a common and open market.
But along the road he was set upon by some thieves, they beat him, and stripped him, and left him for dead.
(Maybe he was stupid to go down that road, it is a road well known for its pitfalls and dangers, but he had been told that it was the only road in town, as to who the thieves and robbers were – they have remained free to act with impunity in the shadows of the road).
Some time later an IMF came down the same road, saw the man, and crossed over on to the other side.
A little later a ECB came down the road, saw the man, and crossed over to the other side.
(Why they crossed over we do not know. They had genuinely good reasons – they are the good people in the story. They probably knew this road a lot better than the other man and how to avoid its dangers and get the most out of it. For like the man – they also traveled the same road).
No-one else came down the road. And the man died because there is no place for such sentiments as mercy, love, neighbour, and compassion in the hard facts of economics.
The outcome of all of this is that it became clear that if you are weak and on this road – you are in trouble and on your own. In turn, the friends and family of the dead man resented the road and all those who benefited from it. Others thought that there should be a whole new road. The world had not become a better place but a bit more insecure. But it remained the only road in town.

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