Once More with Feeling…

‘People are still coming out in their thousands all over Scotland to talk politics in pubs, town halls, theatres and book festivals. I’ve spoken to many of them myself and it is difficult not to be infected with their enthusiasm. Armed with the internet, seized by a sense of communal purpose, the people of Scotland refuse to believe that a better society is impossible.’ Iain Macwhirter.

Macwhirter does not mention here churches but I am sure they should be in the equation. Civic Scotland, or the people of Scotland are engaging in politics. Such engagement is something to be welcomed. During the referendum campaign I argued that the Baptist way of being the church bears witness to the local, national, and participative in decision making. To support the local need not be for the causes of ‘nationalism’ but for the causes of democracy. Such also need not mean that one group therefore breaks all links with others in other political or relational spheres. I still hold these opinions. I think that we should be welcoming this engagement, encouraging it, and offering contexts beyond hustings for conversation, discussion, and discernment on matters that matter.

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