Returning to the Issue of Nuclear Weapons

The place of Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent is once more in the news.


An opportunity to seriously challenge its almost ‘given’ presence on the Clyde was recently lost.

So I return to an issue which I have discussed before. On one occasion I made a proposal to the Council of the Baptist Union of Scotland that we adopt a statement along the lines that ‘As followers of Jesus Christ we would not be complicit in the maintenance, renewal, or use of weapons of mass destruction and so called on the British Government to do all in its power o secure their removal…’ It was heavily defeated meaning that in public statements (although this was more of a confession) we continue to be out of step with nearly every other Christian denomination in Scotland.

I came across this article recently. It made me smile and got me thinking…


George MacLeod (pictured above) described the suggestion to use nuclear weapons as blasphemy against God –

so which other Christian leaders (including evangelicals) opposed nuclear weapons?

And thought I would try and compile a sort of short ‘petition’ of names, citations, quotations…a cloud of witnesses…

So if you know any and want to add please comment or tweet to me…

I am sure that Jim Gordon will be able to help as he has written now and again on this…


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