Feeling Deeply

As Jim rightly indicates in his comments, thinking, feeling, and acting belong together. Yet in their relationship with one another each expresses a distinctive contribution.

Having spoken about thinking it is good to reflect on feeling. This avoids the hegemony of the rational. It resits the reductionist idea that ‘I think therefore  I am’. I remember being taught that feelings are fickle. To be sure they can be. But thinking can be wrong.

Paying attention to our feelings is important. On the one hand it recognises that when it comes to our motivations our heart has its reasons the mind does not know – as someone famous has said. To deny this is dangerous as it will prevent our motivations from being explored and critiqued. On the other hand it allows the value of our feelings in the making of decisions and shaping of our actions. It highlights that we should care. It raises questionsof how we allow our feelings as well as our minds to be shaped in the way of Jesus Christ. 

To be passionate about the things that the passion of Jesus Christ demonstrates are important seems necessary for discipleship. To care about things that matter, to love that which should beloved and through love to discover that which should be valued is more viceral than thinking things through. To paraphrase MLK if a person does not have something worth dying for then they do not have anything worth living for. In my book this involves some feeling deeply 

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